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86TI/45mm TITALIUM™ Padlock Without Cylinder

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The ABUS 86TI Series TITALIUM™ Padlocks have a solid lock body made from TITALIUM™ aluminium and special alloy hardened steel shackles with NANO PROTECT™ coating for extreme corrosion resistance.

They have a double locking mechanism for additional security. They operate using a half euro profile cylinder which allows the padlock to be incorporated into master keyed systems. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

This ABUS 86TI/45 TITALIUM™ Padlock is supplied without a cylinder and has the following specification:

ABUS Security Level: 7.

Shackle Width: 26.5mm.
Shackle Height: 32.5mm.
Shackle Diameter: 8mm.

Overall Width: 46.5mm.
Overall Height: 96.5mm.
Overall Depth: 27mm.