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Bestseller Pliers Set, 3 Piece

by Knipex
SKU KPX002009
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The Knipex 00 20 09 Pliers Set contains 3 of the most popular size pliers, which feature polished heads and non-slip handles.


1 x 03 02 180 Knipex Combination Plier with longer cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for flat and round materials. Additionally hardened cutting surfaces.
Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.2mm, Medium Hard: 3.4mm, Multi-Strand: 12.0mm

1 x 70 02 160 Knipex Diagonal Cutter with highly precise machined cutting edges for a long service life and clean cutting of hard wire. Edge hardness approximately 62 HRc.
Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.0mm, Medium: 3.0mm, Soft: 4.0mm

1 x 87 01 250 Knipex Cobra Waterpump Plier, with box joint for easier, safer work. Press button action allows fast and firm adjustment directly on the workpiece. Self locking on pipes and nuts, no slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required. The guard prevents operators fingers being pinched.
Pipe Capacities: Round: 50mm, Hex: 46mm