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DT70752 SDS Plus XLR Full Head Carbide Drill Bit Set, 10 Piece

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DEWALT SDS Plus XLR Full Head Carbide Drill Bits have a solid carbide tip that offers users the highest performance in the toughest applications. The 4-cutter geometry provides clean holes, high drilling speed and reduces the chance of jamming of the drill in reinforced concrete.

Made from a superior hard metal alloy with an increased drill core structure for greater resistance to fracture. Optimised flute design allows for efficient debris removal.

Supplied in a TOUGH CASE+, this is part of a connectable case system that is TSTAK™ compatible. Individual TOUGH CASES can be clipped together for easy transportation.

This 10 piece set contains the following sizes: 5 x 110mm, 6 x 110mm(x2), 6 x 160mm(x2), 6.5 x 160mm, 8 x 160mm(x2), 10 x 160mm and 12 x 160mm.