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ForgeFast TORX® Compatible Impact Bit Set, 31 Piece

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This ForgeFix 31 Piece ForgeFast Impact Bit Set contains a selection of ForgeFast TORX® Compatible Impact Bits with a 1/4in hex shank. Made from specially engineered hardened steel to extend wear resistance and bit life. The optimal, shock absorbing torsion zone makes them ideal for high torque applications. The high tolerance machined tip reduces cam out and screw head damage. Supplied in a handy carry case with the following:

30 x 25mm TORX® Compatible Impact Bits: TX10(x3), TX15(x3), TX20(x6), TX25(x7), T2X7(x2), TX30(x6) and TX40(x3).
1 x Bit Holder 60mm.

Finish: Black Phosphate