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PD250 Spool & Line For Power Devil / Powerbase 1.3mm x 2 x 3.5m

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The ALM PD250 Spool & Line is suitable for:

Powerbase: 220W, 250W, 350W, DCSRT18v Cordless, LRT250B, M1G-ZP-250, N1F-GT-240-B, N1F-GT-250-B, N1F-GT-240/340-B, N1F-GT-350-B, N1F-GT-250/350-B, SRT350B.
Challenge: DCSRT18, LRT250B, N1F-GT-240/250-B, N1F-GT-250/350-B, N1F-GT-220/250-C, SRT350B.
Sovereign: N1F-GT-250/350-B, N1F-GT-220/250-C, SGT18-2, SLT18-2.

Line Diameter: 1.3mm.
Line Length: 2 x 3.5m.

Manufactured in the UK.