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Plastic Wall Plug Blue No.12-14 Box 1000

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These ForgeFix Plastic Expansion Wall Plugs are an extremely popular all-purpose lightweight fixing. They are colour coded for size.

The anti-rotation moulding at the head of the plug improves the holding power when inserted. It provides a cost-effective solution for lightweight fixing applications. When a screw is inserted, the screwing action wedges the plug firmly in place, the soft material conforming tightly to the wall.

The wall plugs are suitable for most types of threaded screws, including multipurpose, general-purpose, coach screws etc. Not suitable for Machine Screw threads.

Conveniently supplied on a sprue.

The Forgefix Plastic Blue Wall Plughas the following specification:

Screw Size: No.12-14 (6-7mm).
Drill Size: 10mm.
Pack Size: Bulk Box 1000.