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PMPRO Pipemaster Pro 115V

by Antex
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The Antex Pipemaster Professional is designed for the professional plumbing contractor. It can be used to solder copper pipe joints with fittings up to 3/4in (22mm) and it is an invaluable tool when working in areas where a torch is a possible hazard or where access is limited i.e. in roof spaces, under baths or basins, close to decoration or furnishings, near vehicles, etc.
Maintenance is restricted to regular cleaning after use, ensuring excellent results time after time. The heads are removable for cleaning, storage or replacement with a different size.


Input Power: 120W
Warm-Up Time: approx. 2 minutes
Head Temperature: 968ºF (520ºC)
Power Lead: 3 core PVC cable, approx 55in long
Standard Head: 15mm

Antex PMPRO Pipemaster Pro 110 Volt Version.