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Premium 180-10 Pressure Washer 180 bar 240V

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The Kew Nilfisk Alto Premium 180-10 Pressure Washer has a sturdy and robust design that easily handles any application in a reliable, effective and powerful way. Perfect for cleaning horse trailers, boats, swimming pools and can of course also be used for patio and garden furniture cleaning.

It has a reliable and long-lasting air-cooled induction motor, aluminium pump head and auto start/stop. The flow regulator allows for easy matching of pressure to the cleaning task. A built-in detergent system for ease of use, ideal for users with high detergent usage. Quick connection of hose with integrated swivel function and hose storage reel. ‘Gardena’ coupling for water supply connection.

Standard Accessories:

1 x G5 Low Pressure Gun
1 x G5 Push Lock Extension Lance
1 x Push Lock Rough Cleaning Powerspeed Nozzle
1 x Push Lock Gentle Cleaning Tornado Nozzle
1 x 10m Steel Armoured Hose
1 x 5m Supply Cable
1 x Internal Water Filter
1 x ‘Gardena’ Coupling
1 x Nozzle Jet Cleaning Tool


Max. Pressure: 180 bar
Flow Rate: 610 L/hr.
Motor: 2,900W
Max. Water Feed Temperature: 60°C
Hose Length: 10m
Weight: 26.8kg