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Swarfega Red Box 150 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes (SRB150W)

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When working in you vehicles, your hands and arms can become a magnet for oil, grease and dirt. This can be hard to clean with conventional soaps and hand washers.

This is where Swarfega come in. The Swarfega Hand Cleaning Wipes is a powerful cleaner with an advance formulation using ingredients to remove oil, grease and general dirt quickly and efficiently.

The formula means that it is not only caring for your skin, but also moisturises it.

The versatile and hygienic tub means that the wipes can be made accessible whenever and wherever you need them. 

Swarfega, is renowned the world over for its unique cleaning properties and over the years has become the 'go to brand' for heavy-duty hand cleaning. With a long history which dates back to 1947,

Swarfega has continually inNovated and improved upon the product they offer to the market.

Box Contains 150x Swarfega Hand Cleaning Wipes Plastic storage tub