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EVO-STIK Waterproof Wall Tile Adhesive 10 litre

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The Evo-Stik Waterproof Wall Tile Adhesive is ready-mixed, easy to use and suitable for fixing ceramic tiles onto most interior walls and backgrounds, including cement rendering, plaster, plywood, plasterboard, blockboard, wood chipboard, old glazed tiles, glazed bricks and painted surfaces.

The waterproof and non-slip formulation has an extended open time, making it quick and easy to apply. The colour is an off-white and coverage with a Notched trowel is 1.2 m² per litre, Solid Bed 0.3 m² per litre. These figures are approximate and do not include wastage. They also assume flat surfaces.

NOTE that different trowels often apply the adhesive at different rates, usually greater than the above.

Tested to EN 12004.

Evo-Stik Waterproof Wall Tile Adhesive has the following specification:

Size: 10 litre.