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Wooden Ladybird Hotel

by BOP
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Give small ladybirds, insects and bugs a home in your garden with this hotel/house specially built for them. Crafted from natural wood is this insect hotel with a contrasting painted wooden roof, ladybird pattern and multiple tiny entrance holes, for you to hang against a wall or place on the ground to give insects a safe environment.

WOODEN LADYBIRD HOTEL – Give ladybirds a safe space to shelter, hibernate, lay eggs, raise eggs and hide safely away from predators with this wooden ladybird hotel. Multiple entrance holes and spacious build makes this ladybird hotel a safe nest box; also suitable for all different types of minibeasts or insects.

MULTIPLE ENTRY HOLES – To keep small insects and nesting breed safe from pests and predators, this wooden bug house is built with multiple tiny entrance, perfect for only small bugs or insects to get in or out. It has a hanging hook back to securely hang up away from anyone’s reach.

GARDEN ACCESSORY – While sorting out your garden ready for summer, make sure you set the scenery to call in nature to your garden. This natural wooden insect house with a coloured roof is an ideal decorative garden addition that will blend in with nature and attract small creatures to use the box when exploring your garden.