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Fisco is a world leader in innovating, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of measuring tools for the building, surveying and allied professional trades.

Fisco's user-based approach to product development results in unique tools that are designed from the ground up to do a better job - like the award-winning Big T measuring tape.

Fisco's technology-led production quality is second to none, with developments such as non-contact computerised printing to better than EC Class 1 accuracy - more than twice as accurate as conventional tapes. This is so precise, that Fisco has had to develop what is probably the world's most accurate laser-based length checking system - with a working tolerance of 1 micron per metre which is less than 1/12th the thickness of a human hair over 30 metres!

Fisco is the British member of a unique European manufacturing alliance, of three independent companies, together forming a major worldwide force in levelling and length measuring tools for the building and DIY trades.

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