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Not many people know that when the Swarfega® product was first invented by AB Williamson, it actually started out as Deb Silkware Protector; a mild solution for hand-washing silk stockings, intended to prevent them from laddering. The war diverted silk to parachute production, and the Americans arrived in Britain with nylons destroying the silk stocking market — and the need for Deb Silkware Protector.

In 1947, Swarfega® was born; it was the first hand cleaner of its type in the world. The name derives from ‘swarf’, being the old Derbyshire engineering term for oil and grease and ‘ega’, as in ‘eager to clean’. In its early days, Swarfega® was available in places frequented by men such as motorbike shops, chemists and even barbers. Now, with a range of over 40 specialist cleaning products from hand cleansers to surface cleaners, Swarfega® is as popular as ever.

Throughout industry, Swarfega® has researched and developed the solution to your cleaning problem. They also have a service to match; if you’re not sure which products meet your requirements, one of Deb’s Technical Service team will analyse the problem and suggest the correct solution.

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