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Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit 7.5m² - Large

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Waterproof Tanking Kit containing:-
Waterproof Tanking Primer, for use before applying Tanking Membrane and Tanking Tape
Waterproof Tanking Membrane, which forms a permanently flexible watertight membrane, 2 coats applied by brush
Waterproof Tanking tape, a self-adhesive joint and corner sealing tape
Waterproof Tanking Drain Mat, a self-adhesive butyl backed fleece, capable of coping with movement around the drain outlet

All you need to waterproof 7.5m²

1 x Aquaseal Tanking Primer 1 litre
1 x Aquaseal Tanking Membrane 5 litre
1 x Aquaseal Tanking Tape 10m x 100mm
1 x Aquaseal Tanking Drain Mat