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Diagonal Cutting Flush Cut Nipper 110mm

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These Lindstrom Diagonal cutting nippers have an oval head. They are produced from high performance ball bearing steel which is black oxidised for increased durability. The numerically controlled machine grinding guarantees edge and angle accuracy and contact, which increases tool reliability and consistency.

The edges are precision induction hardened to 63-65 HRC. The handles have a return spring and are sleeved.

Ideal for wire harness work, and standard printed circuit board assembly.

Oval heads are the most common type of nipper head. It combines strength and durability, can withstand and distribute the impact of cutting and is utilised in a myriad of applications.

Length (A): 110mm (4.3/8 in)
Blade length (B): 10mm (0.39 in).
Head width (C): 10mm (0.39 in).
Head depth (D): 6mm (0.24 in).
Tip width: (F): 0.8mm (0.03 in).
Cutting Capacity: 0.1-1.25mm.

Cutting edge: Flush Bevel.

The Flush Bevel cut is designed to meet the requirements of the electronic assembly industry. Leads are ‘pinched’, allowing less altitude and a smaller overall surface area – more than Micro-bevel cuts. The cutters have fine cutting edges that leave a narrow and short taper and small exposed area. They can be used to meet tight specifications for a flush result to a board, component or part.