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E3/25S Straight Claw Framing Hammer - Vinyl Grip 708g (25oz)

by Estwing
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The Estwing E322 Straight Claw Hammer has a one-piece forged steel construction, with Estwing's world famous blue shock reduction nylon vinyl grip. Offering comfort and durability whilst reducing vibrations caused by impact.

This hammer is designed for framing work with its straight claw and longer handle.

Made in the USA from high-quality steel.

The Estwing Big Blue Straight Claw Framing Hammer is designed for frame work.
The long handle is for greater impact when striking a nail.
The handle grip is made from liquid vinyl, bonded on to an all-steel shaft during production.

Blue shaft.

Weight 700g (1 lb 9oz).
Length 460mm (18in).