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Elite Focus100 LED Pen Torch 100 lumens - 2 x AAA

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Focus High-Performance LED Torches are manufactured from anodised aluminium, these torches are lightweight, strong, durable and reliable. Designed for rugged outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing and similar activities. Each torch is fitted with a high-performance LED with 3 output modes and focus control that provides both a spot and flood function, allowing the light to be adjusted from a tight spot beam to a wide flood light to suit the job in hand. All these great features provide reliability, versatility and long running times.

The Lighthouse Elite Focus100 LED Pen Torch is often favoured by service engineers, car mechanics and by the electrical, gas and water industries where information such as meter readings need to be taken in restricted areas. The pen style pocket clip makes it easy to keep in your pocket so that it is always at hand and ready for use.


Output: 120/400 lumens
Beam Distance: 50m
Run Time: 1.5/3 hours
Power: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (supplied)
Size: 140 x 16/13.5mm
Weight: 31g exc. batteries