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EVERCRYL® Emergency Roof Repair Clear C3

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Everbuild EVERCRYL® Emergency Roof Repair is a resin-based, fibre reinforced, roof repair compound. It is effective on all common roofing surfaces and types, giving an instant roof repair even in the rain and on wet surfaces. May also be applied in frosty conditions down to -5°C. It is instantly waterproof when applied, so there is no fear of wash off. Emergency leaks can be tackled immediately, as there is no need to wait for the rain to stop.

Cartridge applied, it dries to form a flexible membrane that resists algae and fungal growth. It has a high level of fibre reinforcement, meaning that it will bridge small cracks and holes up to 5mm, requires only one application to give instant and total water protection, even in areas subject to ponding. Requires no primer on sound, non-porous surfaces.

This Everbuild EVERCRYL® Emergency Roof Repair has the following specification:

Colour: Clear
Size: C3