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HM230E Elite Hard Material Diamond Blade 230mm

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The CorePlus Elite Hard Material Diamond Blade features a hard-material specific, Elite Endurance diamond metal matrix that extends the lifetime of the blade way beyond expectation.

A precision-engineered, hardened, high-grade 65Mn manganese steel tensioned core ensures the blade runs true. Double laser welding technology reduces the risk of damaged segments, combined with the maximum concentration of ultra-grade diamond that has been meshed within the bond. It also features a state-of-the-art, metallurgically engineered, high-performance and long-life bond formulation that ensures maximum durability and lifetime.

Manufactured to EN 13236 quality standard. oSa® certified to the highest level of quality and tested safety.

The CorePlus HM230E Elite Hard Material Diamond Blade has the following specification:

Diameter: 230mm
Bore: 22.23mm
Segment Height: 10mm
Segment Width: 2.6mm