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STC Self-Adjusting Horizontal Toggle Clamp 40mm

by Bessey
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These Bessey STC Self-Adjusting Horizontal Toggle Clamps automatically adjust to different workpiece heights, while maintaining a constant clamping force. They ensure quick and secure clamping and are ideal for small-scale productions.

Using the set screw on the cantilevered joint, the clamping force can be adjusted to meet particular requirements. The baseplate, which is suitable for both metric and imperial, has been designed to facilitate fast and secure clamping set up.

The Toggle Clamps have high-quality, oil-resistant two-component handles. These are ergonomically designed to fit well in the hand and provide a good grip.

This STC Self-Adjusting Horizontal Toggle Clamp has the following specification:

Clamping Height: up to 40mm.
Clamping Force: up to 2500N.
Weight: 0.38kg.