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Vario K Body Clamp REVO KREV Capacity 1000mm

by Bessey
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The Bessey Vario K Body Parallel Jaw Clamp REVO KREV offers powerful clamping and spreading over large surfaces with clamping forces of up to 8.000N. The continuously adjustable and fixable upper section provides optimum positioning on the workpiece. With extremely large parallel clamping surfaces. Fitted with 3 removable pressure caps to help protect the surface, they are repellent to glue, paint and grease solvents.

The metal reinforced plastic housing features an optimised sliding arm with double slide protection for more power and safety. The set clamping force is maintained and the sliding arm cannot unintentionally slip in the unclamped condition. Can be quickly and easily converted without tools for spreading tasks. Fitted with a high-quality 2-component symmetrical plastic handle, with a hexagon socket for ultimate comfort and quick and easy application of the clamping force.

The Bessey KREV100-2K Vario K Body Parallel Jaw Clamp REVO KRE has the following specification:

Clamping Force: up to 8,000N
Opening 1000mm
Throat Depth: 95mm
Rail: 29 x 9mm
Spreading Min/Max: 260/1130mm
Weight: 3.85kg